COVID -19 Outbreak How To Engage Your Kids at Home

At present, the whole world is facing a pandemic and the reason behind this is a large family of viruses, which are causing illness with its symptoms of cough, cold and fever. This deadly virus is named as corona- virus.

As each day is passing by the figures of the people who are being infected are increasing many have also been reported dead and hundreds are under observation in the quarantine facilities across the countries.

In India, our government is also taking all major and necessary precautions to fight against COVID-19 and urged people to maintain proper hygiene and social distancing. Meanwhile, all international flights are cancelled and all major events, which were supposed to happen in the country has been postponed and some states have been completely, lock down.

In such scenario where adults can engage themselves into some pending households work but kids have to go with bonkers with boredom. Being stuck at home there are many ways to learn while having fun at home.

It is the time when both parents and kids can stay connected and explore science and fun games like :

(A) Trace the sun’s movement by drawing the shadow every hour.

(B) Your kids may add food colouring to a jar of water with a piece of celery in it and see how the water moves up the plant’s capillaries in the next few days.

Parents and kids together can go for some kitchen projects and can bring out few yummy dishes, which are cooked differently. Apart from all these, playing elastic games, ludo, chess, carom together is completely fun and brainstorming. Therefore, in this difficult times, RBA realtors and team also request you to stay at home, spend your quality time with your family and stay connected.

Guidelines for buying a Home

In today’s lifestyle, everyone wish for good food, handsome salaried job and a dream home to live. It has been said, buying a new home is like a boss move in your life. But if you are a first time homebuyer then it can be a nerve- racking. RBA realtors will help you to navigate along the process to avoid common hurdles while buying it.

First, one must focus in saving by down payment as early as possible. If you are able to put your 20% of down payment, it means you have cleared a hefty amount of your mortgage. This calculation will help you to get idea about goal amount.

Use home affordability calculator to determine how much of the cost for home is affordable and check finance before you indulge in home buying process.

Be smart enough and get your preapproval letter, to emphasize the seller. Follow house-shopping tips like meet the right realtors, check the right type of house and neighbourhood, collect details about available houses and stick to your budget. All these will help you to get extra amenities and provide you full safety and security.

Few avoidable mistakes while purchasing a property like not knowing the limits of a home inspection, not buying adequate homeowners insurance, not figuring out how much of the cost you can afford, making a down payment as per current financial situation.

If you are planning to get your dream home in Siliguri then RBA realtors and team is always there to help you with the best available properties. We will guide you and answer your all questions with honesty and transparency. For more details visit our site

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