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New Year always comes with new dream, new plans and achievements. Everyone dreams about living an opulent lifestyle and feel prosperous, ultimately this comes with peaceful house. Homes play a significant role in our lifestyle and included amenities make it better.

Recently our team conducted a survey on “best place to live” and one’s desire for the same. After putting our efforts we endeavored that people wish for place which is peaceful, embedded with nature beauty, amenities easily accessible and could get all the regular provisions easily. Considering this RBA Realtors team is working to provide property which can full fill all the desires of dream home, great example of the same is reflected in our project “Gitanjali”in Ranidanga Siliguri.

With growing demands for commercial and residential properties in Siliguri which is endowed with tea gardens, nature beauty, picturesque plains on the banks of Mahananda River and the foothills of Himalayas. Moreover hill station’s markets Sevoke and Bidhan Road are buzzing with travelers throughout the year. Owing a property at such a place is no more than a blessing where one can get all the amenities for luxurious lifestyle.

Our team is solely dedicated to provide satisfaction to our client at right budget, first we understand the requirements and serve by providing guidelines with our experience in real estate projects. For information on our developing project in Siliguri which is best place to live, please visit our website and feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team will be glad to help you in inaugurating dream properties in Siliguri.

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