How “Realtors” are different from ‘Real estate agents’ & ‘Brokers’?

While investing in the fields of properties, we need the help of a few designated people like realtors, real estate agent and a broker. However, commonly people are little blurred about their roles, as they are completely distinct from each other.

In a brief note, a realtor is a real estate professional who is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR)s. In this profession, realtors have to abide by their rules, regulation, and code of conduct in their course of business. Realtors may include real estate broker, salesperson, property manager, and appraisers. Therefore, they have to maintain transparency and to be very honest while dealing with their clients in order to satisfy to the fullest.

Now, a real estate agent is a person whose role is to bring buyer and seller together and fix a deal, where both the party agrees to buy or sell a property and in return receives a commission from them which is generally a percentage of the final sale price of the property.

On the other hand, a real estate broker is a person who gives employment to agents and is engaged in the important segments of the dealing for which they charge a certain brokage.

In this way, all three are different in their roles. And RBA realtors work as a pure realtor and perform according to the license terms and conditions.

Rba realtors is a unit of Darkcell private limited in Siliguri .Our professionals and team experts are completely customers oriented and try to satisfy our clients into Sales and Marketing real estate projects.




Real Estate Market for Investor in 2019-20

Real Estate Market for Investor in 2019-20

New financial year 2019-20 has brought significant change in financial world which has also affected real estate investors. Developers are trying their best to get maximum return on investment. Just like other corporate organization real estate developers are also trying to complete their project on time after implementation of GST & RERA.

With the flow of foreign funds looking forward to invest in India and execution of the right policies the developers can help investors understand the demand of the market and offer them maximum gain at minimum risk. Developer also can help the investors by making them understand the taxation and others policies in India.

The changing policies such as GST and the Real estate Regulatory Act along with other policies has helped  in shaping the market and helped investors in taking informed decision and avoid risk.

After the execution of GST and RERA, banks are more confident in giving loans to the developers. But there is still a requirement of foreign investment as significant section of Indian infrastructure depends on real estate industry which cannot be funded internally.

Thus, with implementation of new rules and regulation in financial year 2019-20 real estate sector can boom in Indian market, where investors can take better and informed decision without worrying about risks.

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